My spirituality is changing again - although into what form now I don't know - and I'm going to continue with the yoga and pilates cause they are very calming and soothing. I want to get some books out and practice a little, at least the yoga, on my own, it is very interesting to me. I love the feeling of enjoying my body, for the first time in my life. I have never really lived in my body like this before. Integration rules!

I am always there, in it. And I am feeling so many new nuances of things, all the time. It's a little less intense this month (thank God) and more bearable. But that's probably because all my human interactions have been less intense. No big fights or confrontations or deep intimacy with anyone tends to make things easy, you know? But I can use the practice, practice of just experiencing life as one whole person. It's hard! How do you normals do it? I'm so used to being a mutant I can't believe people grow up and live like this every single day.

What a great week. I'm going to try and do this every week - my whole outlook on life is so good. Yoga on Monday, Spinning on Tuesday, Belly Dancing on Wednesday. Today I will just walk the dog a bit (please don't be so cold today!)