This was the day of my epiphany*.

I was in Miami, went out with my sister, her acquaintance and now my newest friend, I hope, Sean, and two of her co-workers. I was down there on a free trip, free hotel courtesy of my sister's health club. We wanted to take the two co-workers to a gay bar, as they are both 50 year old females who live on Cape Cod, one of the whitest places on earth (excluding Provincetown, of course). Neither had ever been to a gay bar.

By the time we found parking and the bar we were looking for, we all had to use the facilities. Of course, it was a male gay bar, and the only bathroom was for men. As it was early in the evening, it actually wasn't too bad. It was funny because all four of us went into the handicapped stall. I think we were all a little nervous, to be perfectly honest, although about what, I'm not sure. Probably just for breaking the American taboo on using the men's bathroom, something I've done many times.

Anyway, we danced a lot. There was a massive golden statue over one of the bars of a nude male reclining, with such impressive muscles, he wouldn't be able to walk if he truly existed. A drag queen came out and did a hilarious show, she was such a bitch, her outfit was very over the top. She roped in one of the co-workers and that was funny too.

My epiphany came to me that night as I people watched while I danced, which is always a fun thing. I always feel that I can't dance, that I'm clumsy and awkward when I can't get into the music (true in this case), so I turn to people watching and just shuffle around a bit. I'm disheartened by another bit of knowledge about myself that is true, something I don't like, and something that I can't change.

*There's a "friend" IRL who reads my daylogs so I can't yet disclose what it was. But I will, later.