I'm so exhausted. Up til 1 am, helping my wonderful daughter (who I am now mad at) with her resume. $18 later at Kinko's she has something worthy to pass on to the powers-that-be. Anyway, who cares. I still haven't studied enough, I'm going to try again tonight and I'm so tired, nothing good will probably come of it anyway.

My mind is buzzing with a chocolate high, and it's really a bad idea for me to have it for many reasons. Tuff shit! I don't care! I've been fscking miserable, breaking down, for over a week now, and I can't stand it any more!!!

So on top of all this emotional shit, which fluctuates wildly from one hour to the next, I am studying for my first Notus Lotes certification test. I don't know that I can pass. I will be wildly surprised if I do, since I'm so unprepared. I expect to jam studying in til the day, only one week away now.

So today is my youngest son's birthday, he's 17. Bought him a super duper strong basketball stand thingy, his dad went in on it with me. We've been divorced longer than we were married by now. And get along better.