I did an hour and a half of yoga yesterday. Not because I am so damn cool - I opened up a book and did each exercise very slowly. I only skipped two of the 26 poses. I kept closing the book and saying that is too damn hard, it sucks, I'm hungry, I'm quitting - I hadn't had breakfast yet - and then I would fix something and put it down and go back and do some more. Cause my body would start feeling really, really, excellent.

The author of the book strongly urged students to do an hour a day for two months, eight weeks, and the results would be amazing. So I'm going to try very hard to do it. I like the feeling, I was full of energy and happiness when I was done.

I went shopping with my daughter and one of her roommates yesterday and spent too much money but - I got an extremely cool brass koi which weighs about 20 pounds and is almost 18" long. You can put a votive candle in it and hang it from something. I am going to find something to hang it from, cause it is beautiful. I also got a huge brass cowbell with a deep melodic bong and a brass chime that is big and a medium bong sound. I love chimes, but never get them for myself cause they are usually $20. These were like $5.

I want my house to be beautiful. I guess I need to work on my kitchen floor and walls some more but it is daunting. I think I will follow my friend's advice and get a damn sander and just do that on the kitchen floor. Nothing seems to really work. I've never cared about my space, except for putting up posters of bands, art that I like, and anything that looks cool.

I did no studying at all today. And A. couldn't get the belly ring (she tried, owww!) back in either. It's healed up in the middle somewhere. I just have to get it repierced, that's all.