I had a great day today. Parked my art car outside of American Visionary Arts Museum and got oodles of compliments and people taking pictures. Some friends came down to see my car and cheer me on, my public debut as an artist. Wow! I'm calling myself an artist and not flinching, yet this is the first piece of work I've done in years. But it feels really, really good. I did it, it's not great art or anything, but I did do it and it makes people laugh and feel good for a minute. At least it did today. Maybe that's one of the purposes of art. I feel good, seeing people laugh at my creation.

My M. met G. (a woman I'm currently dating) and no fist fight ensued. M. left after only about five minutes, he could only take so much after all, but it broke some tension all around.

It was a little odd having G. around when we couldn't kiss or hold hands; we snuck down to the cloakroom in the basement of the museum and kissed for a couple of minutes. I felt like I was in kindergarten hiding from the teacher or something.

My friends and I entered the Mr. Potatohead contest. Mine was entitled Underwater Dreams with a sculpey dolphin on top of a black spray painted sweet potato encrusted with shiny buttons and sequins all over. Pretty bad, actually. My niece and her boyfriend came down too, and hers was Ethel, a Baltimore hon.