Damn, life is complicated!! And weird! And strange! An old "sort of" boyfriend e-mailed me with an offer to be my slave for a month. He's been hinting around about this for years, and trying to get me to be his dom, at least for a while, but I've always turned him down. This time he didn't ask in person but sent an e-mail that said, in effect, he would be my slave whether I agreed or not until August 2, 2001.

Now, most people who get into this control freak type of thing agree that both have agree to do it, and to establish rules (he included ten rules). You don't just freaking e-mail some one and tell them, "Hey, I'm your slave, and even if you ignore me and this e-mail, I'm still your slave and it turns me on. Oh, yeah, and even if you say no, I'm still your slave, so you can't even say no." I'm actually quite pissed off about it.

I mean, he kept pushing me to do it when we hung out before and I didn't step up to the plate, why does he think I'm going to do it now? And in an e-mail, for God's sake! Is he just desperate for this kind of action? Even if I do nothing at all? I'm so mad, cause I wrote him a scathing letter and then pushed the wrong damn button and lost it. Now I just feel like ranting and raving at him. Pisses me off.

I can create my own sex life, any kind of life, thank you very much. He offered to do everything from clean my house to be my sex toy, so I might just let him clean my house, damn him. (It needs it.) Now, of course, this does appeal to me somewhat. Who wouldn't want a slave for a month to clean their house and give a good massage or two? But I don't know - I would feel like I was using him. Something to think about, that's for sure. Hmmmm....

Ok, I'm done ranting. Things are good otherwise, still dating the girl, still trying to meet others slowly, and my art car is 95% complete - I need to paint my life size doll's head (her name is Lump, yes because of the song) and get the wig to some how become a beehive but almost all the lawn ornaments are glued on. And tomorrow it will be on display outside of the American Visionary Arts Museum in Bawlmer hon!!!