I had to call the cops yesterday and today.

Yesterday my son's paranoid schizophrenic mom would not leave my house, kept trying to get in. She had been there for the past week almost every day for several hours. They got her to leave, but she was back again today. She is staying off my porch, but when she comes back on, they told me they could arrest her for trespassing. I am afraid of her, she may have torched a women's shelter at one point in time, the evidence pointed to her, but not enough proof, so the case was dropped.

She's punched her own sister in the face, her brother, none of her siblings want anything further to do with her. She used to stalk my grandmother when my son lived with her (before I adopted him for my own). She is probably capable of a lot of things, and I don't want to be on the receiving end of anything with her.

Today I took my dog out for a walk - a neighbor had a mutt out with no leash or collar and she came over, sniffed my Rottweiler and immediately jumped on her and began beating her up. She was bigger, tougher, and my dog could not get out from under her. I kicked her over and over, the neighbor called her but didn't come anywhere near the fight. Finally, the dog gave up and ran back into her house. My lovely neighbor informed me that it wasn't her dog, so she wasn't responsible. She repeated this mantra over and over while I memorized the house number. My dog was bleeding and terrified, I was afraid for her and just in a state. Another neighbor came out and urged me to call the police, he had seen the whole thing. So I did - after taking her to the emergency vet.

In waiting the two hours for the police, although I was very tired, I took advantage of the time and cleaned up the clutter, put my living and dining rooms back in order. Ever since my daughter E. moved back in, and my son J. is here for the summer, it looks as though 75 people live in my house.