Went to therapy last night. What fun - actually, not too bad. I asked her to stand in as Ann Landers for me! Giggle I told her I wanted advice on three things - my mom, my son, and my relationships. She passed on the teen thing - advised me to ask some one else (I already have) cause her specialty is adults, not teens. As for the big Mom question, she asked me to think about writing a letter, explaining why I couldn't behave predictably around my mom. And how that wouldn't be changing any time soon. I like that idea a lot, and I'll write the letter. I may not send it, I may just talk to her, but - it's a good idea, and it's where I'm at.

It was kind of fun having a question and answer day at the therapists - low key, no stress, no angst. Yay. The last was about relationships - and how in the last two romantic involvements I've been in, the two people didn't really get the message that either I wasn't in love any more, or that it was not going to end up being a happy happy joy joy couple thingy.

Now I know therapists are supposed to make you feel better - and all - and be on your side - but she really did. She said, based on my words alone, that it sounded like I had been pretty clear to both of these people and they really didn't get me. And that's the colossal truth. They love me, and all that crap, and I care about them, definitely, but - they don't really understand me or what I like or am into. For some reason, that makes me feel better, and less crazy.