I have always been multi-orgasmic. But all of my orgasms had been based "around" my clitoris. In fact, I originally thought vaginal orgasms were just hype.

Several years ago, a lover introduced me to this amazing experience (in the back of his jeep, in a very active parking lot next to a bar) by the right combination and movement of his fingers in my very happy vagina. I first thought I was wetting myself (mortification! embarrassment!) but I quickly recovered and realized this was definitely not the case.

My current lover has very quickly succeeded in finding his way to my "G" spot. He pays a lot of attention to my reactions and is the absolute best lover I've ever had.

By the way, this is an incredibly fulfilling orgasm - if you can combine the two types of orgasms, it is the ultimate in orgasmic experiences. For females. And by the way, there's no pee in the liquid.