I got back from New York last night on the Amtrak Metroliner. I was so proud of myself - I took a book to read, the kind I'm embarrassed to let others see what I'm reading, and I read it on the train! Of course, the whole time I was hiding the cover and half the pages with my arm, but I read it! I've had it for months and months and finally finished it.

Snow, snow, snow, everywhere - at least a foot. It's so beautiful! I had a nice business trip - the class was stimulating and useful, the teacher and the only other student very bright and engaging, I had fun. (Apparently two other students had to cancel even though they still have to pay full price.) And it was fun having my very own hotel room on 55th and 7th in Manhattan. Even though I had to move once because of the cold.

I am intrigued by what I have learned so far of SQL Server 7; it's possible that I may be a very good candidate for DBA, my next possible career. You can look at the tables and see the fields and figure out what they are for queries and extracts.

I didn't go in to work today - my daughter is very sick and it took hours to take her to the doctor, get the prescription filled, and take her home. I think she just has strep throat, but the possibility of mono is very real. So, since I'm home, all kinds of chores rear their very ugly heads at me. So far, I've fought it off, but once I sign off here - there's no stopping them. I have to do SOMEthing! And I'm tired of traveling and sitting and waiting, I need to do something physical. I'll probably do housework, as I'm about to run out of heat and need to keep warm.