An old boyfriend, Jay, walked into my house and with his current girlfriend. "I thought you were in Seattle!", I said. "I was", he told me, "I came back to see you". He arranged for his girlfriend to sit a little bit away from us, we were pretending to do some work together. He came near me and whispered in my ear, "I miss you. You're something else, you know?" I shuddered with longing and desire, when I was so close to him. His beauty and scent always mesmerized me.

The emotions in the dream were longing, desire, love, very strongly etched on the surface of very little happening, and as a result, it was extremely memorable and haunting. The strong peach and gold colors in the house were all due to the light, as if the sun was setting nearby, lending everything a rich golden hue. I was on fire for him.

This is the first night in a week I haven't dreamt of kissing and holding Angela close, or if I did, the memory is gone. I wanted to get in touch with him immediately when I awoke, and hear his voice.