I was outside, near my car with my two children. The day was bright and warm and sunny. I was feeling very, very happy. My son was much younger than he is in real life(16), he was about five or six years old. He had on a bathing suit, no shoes, and was skateboarding. I was suddenly worried that he would get hurt. He fell, of course, and skinned both knees very badly and hurt his hand and came crying to me. Blood was running down his legs and his arm. He was very upset and crying. I felt very distressed and guilty for letting him skateboard. I comforted him, put him in the car, and wrapped him in towels to stop the bleeding and keep him warm. (In real life, he had so little body fat as a child, he could only swim for about 15 minutes before he would begin shivering and his lips would turn blue.)

Later in the dream, it was the last day of school for the year. I was in a middle school, talking to Erica's old teacher. She offered to have Erica come back and take remedial classes from her for a week starting tomorrow, to help her. I thought this was very generous and kind, but wondered how Erica would react, since she had already graduated from high school. I wondered also how I would get Erica to do it, because it would be a wonderful thing.