First dream - I dreamed I drove in my white and black art car to M.'s apartment and parked in front. In the dream, he was really fat, over 100 pounds overweight, not like he is in real life. We were walking across the lawn, talking, when some kids threw a couple of rocks in our general direction. I thought at first they were targeting my car, so ignored them for a moment. Then another one flew a little closer and I realized it was directed towards M. He remained oblivious.

I got really mad, right away, put down whatever I was carrying and started running towards the kids, ready to beat them up for making fun and attacking my friend.

Second dream - My son was in jail. His dad was on the phone with me explaining how he had gotten caught stealing 8 cases of beer (he doesn't drink) and several pounds of crack absurd. Both charges were clearly trumped up because he is a young black man. Horrified, I listened as I looked at a security photo of him in a cage. His dad then said he could be held for up to five years before trial. At that point, I screamed aloud and woke myself up. The dream was very vivid and I'm still upset from it.