A beautiful, idyllic warm December day at Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. Angela and I had driven up the night before. Warm and sunny outside - we had every intention of hitting the beach, window shopping, walking around, enjoying the weather.

We had a leisurely breakfast at our adorable and comfy Bed and Breakfast, then went back up into our room. Made love, talked, made love, talked... you get the idea.

We did finally make it outside when the sun started setting! I feel so much calmer, secure, in whatever is happening between her and me I can deal with anything today. There's a hell of a lot of turmoil in her life, too, to deal with.

She's divorcing her husband; she's pulling away from her girlfriend of a year because I came into her life and we started falling in love. I'm finishing up a year of completeness after integrating this past January-February; and coming to terms with my bisexuality only since March. So neither one of us is a paragon of stability. So - taking it slow, taking it easy, enjoying the moment and not freaking out when she is not available cause of her current situation is the way to go.