Back from vacation, back to work. Nice to see a certain girly girl again, she's very sweet and sensual and smart. Makes me laugh... Something strange started happening to me on vacation. I started thinking about some one I cared about in the past. A lot. Like - I still care about that person. I wonder what the truth is, but suspect I'll get some glimmers of it soon. I care about them, but - how much is the burning question? I ususally know how I feel about some one so - not knowing maybe knowing in itself. I will not say a word to anyone, however, it feels very strange and kind of distant. And yet - I find myself wanting to reach out and call at odd times during the day.

I don't know what's going on here. No epiphanies here, not a case of lightning crashing down on my head and illuminating my feeble brain with the truth. Nope. I can't help but suspect it's loneliness and maybe some (cough) (ahem) horniness mixed in with genuine caring about this soul.

On the other hand, having kicked sugar out the door thoroughly and for good measure, I'm feeling very good physically. Of course, on vacation I exercised every single day and that felt tremendous. It's a far better high than I ever got from sugar, that nefarious drug so powerful and sinister - and dangerous to my body.

Went shopping for school clothes with my son last night; music videos abounded in nearly every store. Strange to watch them and see what passes for good music in the popular culture. Yikes.

My dear M. has decided to pull the plug on continuing working on his doctorate. Yay! I think his emotional well being will be taking a dramatic upswing this week. I'm so glad he decided to quit. After working on it part time for 8 or 9 years, the whole time of which he was in a codependent crappy relationship that futzed him out too.