Nothing much going on right now, in terms of drama. Dating some one who is quite adorable, very giving and loving, but no way to know what the future holds, of course. Work has been intensely busy, I've put in twenty hours in two days, feel dazed and kind of out of it today. Been here for an hour, and am just now feeling awake.

My little week visit with my sister will begin next Tuesday, Cape Cod, lobster rolls, flat sandy beaches, hopefully a visit to P-town will round out the visit. And lots of heart to hearts with her of course. I plan to come out to her when I see her, just something that should be done.

Haven't heard from M. in a few days, he usually e-mails me a long missive every day, so this is unusual. I don't know whether I should contact him or let him be. I had the impression that he needs some space from me, to help his heart heal, so I'm just being quiet, I think.