Having trouble sleeping again. I've been sleeping so light that every little noise in the house wakes me up. Then I can't get right back to sleep, I just doze for a while. What a drag. Yesterday work was so incredibly busy after 9 that I looked at the clock at one point and it was 4:00. I love that - too busy doing stuff to notice angst, pain, suffering that I usually feel.

But, M. called and called, because I deliberately ignored his e-mails. I saw him twice over the weekend, I didn't really want to touch base or communicate with him yesterday. He ended up calling my home, my cell, and finally my job which he never does, cause it's long distance. He "just wanted to make sure I was okay." What bullshit. I hate that kind of checking up, I feel like a kid being checked on by my mother or something. I feel stalked.

I know the level of irritation I feel is a lot higher than it should be. Again, everything pisses me off. Especially M. Yes, I love you - now go away.