Apparently it is possible to interact with humming bird, musically. One was 'singing' from my neighbor's tree as I arrived home one night.

I slapped an 8 count rhythm on my legs. The bird paused, listening. I stopped, it chirped back a more complex, but similiar pattern. I stuck with the tempo: 8 beats me 8 beats you. This bird caught on to the groove. I kept it going for at least 15 minutes as both of our rythms became more and more complicated - beyond what two hands are capable of.

I was out-drummed by a bird, who was probably either showing off, or trying to mate with me.

The next day my new jam-buddy was dead. Apparently, it had been keeping my neighbor awake for the last week.

I haven't found any other birds to jam with since. I hope to find another bird like that.