I am driving down the road in a Cherry Red sports convertible with the top down and the wind blowing through my light brown hair. It is a sunny day outside and I am wearing a set of federal agent style sunglasses like the ones the agents from the Matrix wear along with a similar type of suit. Off to my right I have a steep cliff that forms a sheer drop and to my left there is a huge brown rock wall.
I am being followed up the road by choppers, black Lincoln Town Cars and Jeep Grand Cherokees. These people are in pursuit of me and I get a feeling inside as though it is for my life and capture. I am driving as fast as I can, speeding around the turns in the road as fast as I can when I suddenly pull up to a little horse shoe shaped parking area.
I come to find out that I am at the Grand Canyon. There is a railing only about shin high and a sign in the center of the horse shoe which reads, "Caution, do not step over the railing. You may fall off the edge and to your death if you do." I suddenly step over the edge and as soon as I do I reach behind me and the railing is now as high as the middle of my rib cage.
I'm facing the canyon while holding onto the railing as these agents all pull up and start yelling at me over the mega phone. They tell me to come back over the railing and to give myself up. I think to myself that they are going to kill me no matter what happens so I decide to jump. I fall as the air and face of the cliff rush past my view and am about to do a belly flop on the bottom as I wake up doing one of these belly flops in my bed.