Blood type diets are also the topic of another couple of books: The Answer Is In Your Bloodtype and Bloodtypes Bodytypes and You by Joseph Christiano. This author was former Mr. Florida, and is a "trainer to the stars" including winners in Miss America, Miss USA, and Mrs. America pageants.

His books discuss almost the same diets, health concerns, and exercises as Dr. D'Adamo concerning blood type O's, A's, B's, and AB's with the exception he is a creationist regarding "An interactive journey for reaching your genetic potential" (as his subtitle describes).

Within his latter book, Christiano has shopping lists for mixed blood type families, extremely important when considering that almost literally, "one man's food is another man's poison." This takes health food (these diets assume you have learned to avoid processed foods, loaded with chemicals) to a new level, as one has to re-condider whole wheat as troublesome more than beneficial for most blood types. Potatoes, tomatoes as well as eggplant are part of the "Deadly Nightshade" family of plants, and are liable in causing arthritic conditions in certain people. (For comic relief, see: Frank Zappa's "Ask any Vegetable") Cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussel's sprouts are from the Cruciferous family, (Broccoli, a member of it too, but interestingly is a "beneficial" on most blood type lists). One can lose weight rapidly with increased, efficient metabolism when the individual fuels himself with non system clogging foods. The trace elements in the allergy and oversensitizing causing foods, that are not eliminated normally, can deposit in joints, line the colon, and jam the liver. The key to health is building up the immune system, and, ironically somemacrobiotic diets may be hurting some.