The Prairie Oyster, one of the classic hangover cures, was a favorite of Spike Spiegel, if you all remember your Cowboy Bebop.

It's not particularly tasty - as a matter of fact, most people have to hold their nose when they drink it - but, hey, hangovers suck:

Olive oil
Tomato ketchup
1 egg
Salt and pepper
Worcestershire sauce
Vinegar or lemon juice

To begin with, you pour the olive oil in the glass and spread it around, so that it covers most of the inner surface, and then discard the remainder. After that, you add about a table spoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of ketchup, a dash of salt and pepper, an a splash of worcestershire sauce (can mix or interchange with tabasco). Then, you must break the egg in such a way that you don't add the yolk yet, usually by pouring the egg over a fork or other sort of grill. After you get the runny part of the egg in the glass, mix all of the ingredients thoroughly. Lastly, you drop the yolk onto the top of the mixture, being careful not to break it.

Drink up!

Many variations on the Prairie Oyster float around and you may change small details here or there, but be careful, lest you ruin the magic. It actually has garnered such a mystique about its use that most Prairie Oyster recipes are family traditions.