WAMMO is an Austin, Texas poet with a strong attitude and long hair. Born in New York City in 1961, he rants with a power and precision little-seen in this day and age. I first became acquainted with Wammo via the Asylum Street Spankers, an up-and-coming Austin band, but he is known on his own merits for his poetry. A competitor in both the Austin Poetry Slam and the national slam, where he has been known to do quite well, his somewhat grungy, thoughtful style is eminently likable.

Wammo is a pretty interesting guy, all things considered. The former Grunge Rock singer and DJ has frequently known to sing about drugs, but only admits to consuming two - alcohol and tobacco. He has a great song about how he hates martini and cigar bars, but has been known to frequent them. He plays a number of instruments, including (but not limited to) the harmonica and washboard. Try not to be too derisive - He's quite a blues harp player. He's a big guy, and would be fairly intimidating to most people if he weren't so affable.

Wammo now has two CDs. The first is Fat Headed Stranger, and there's a new one called Faster than the Speed of Suck. It's on Spanks-a-Lot records, the Asylum Street Spankers' label (after their departure from Watermelon Records and co-produced by Brian Beattie and Wammo. Some of my favorite spanker songs are penned by Wammo, especially "Sad Bomber".


Website: WammoLovesMe.com (http://www.wammolovesme.com/)

Website: Austin Poetry Slam, Poet Profile - WAMMO (http://www.austinslam.com/wammo.htm)