Chupacabra, slang, Spanish. Translation: "Goat Sucker". The Chupacabra is a possibly/probably mythical creature which tends to only "appear" in areas with a large hispanic population, rumored to drink the blood of animals, especially/initially goats. (Hence the name.) It is rumored to be a medium-sized creature, similar to a cross between a dog and a lizard. It's said to be capable of walking bipedally. There are occasional reports of missing organs in (or more to the point, not in) the victims of its attacks, as well. There are no known/reported attacks on humans.

In 1995, the Chupacabra was blamed for the deaths of many turkeys, rabbits, goats, cats, dogs, horses, and cows in Puerto Rico. One resident claimed that they saw it, and that it resembled a tailless monkey. Then, on May 2, 1996, a goat was found in South Texas dead with "telltale marks of the Chupacabra". As the year continued, attacks were reported in both Mexico and Miami.

The Chupacabra has been believed both to be a unique creature, and only one of many. Rumors run the predictable gamut of possibilities from alien pet to failed experiment. Debunked sightings (complete with photographic evidence) have included a photo of an owl, and roadkill which was "a chow cross with mange". (Duane G. Ellen,


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