APEX DIGITAL INC. is a manufacturer of consumer electronics, primarily DVD players. Their most significant product to date is the Apex AD-600A, an easily hackable DVD player.

Apex Digital, Inc. was formed in late 1998, and made their first sales in late 1999. Their first truly significant sales were made in February of 2000 to Circuit City. Apex's parent company is United Delta, Inc., privately owned and headquartered in Ontario, California.

The company publically attributes their great success to "selecting the best components and features technologically and having them assembled in China specifically for the North American market." (Apex Website) but in fact their success is largely due to the fact that they "accidentally" produced a phenomenal number of units of the Apex AD-600A with a debug menu left in the release firmware. This enabled people to disable macrovision and region checking. In fact, many Apex DVD players are made quite poorly and experience an overabundance of hardware failures.

Apex's sales are primarily made in North America and China. Apex asserts that "market analysis by an independent organization show Apex Digital as having 22% of all mass merchandiser sales in the U.S. and Canada." (Apex Website)


Website: Apex Digital Inc., About Apex Digital Inc. (http://www.apexdigitalinc.com/html/about.html)