Today I got up early, got new tires for my car (I had a flat). Went to school and spent all day in the CV Lounge, working on the computers.

I worked on trying to get my website design ironed out. I could never get it to look a way where I way 100% pleased with it. ( I also RemoteInstalled a computer that went bad. Worked a little on our database of members and then put a sound card in our soon to be mp3 server and got the drivers for it working. Tried a linux jukebox proggie and got disgusted at the quality of the program. Oh, and played a lot of counterstrike.

Krysha stopped by the lounge and I listened to her and a male friend work on debate. It reminded me of the kind of friendships that debate forged, and it also reminded me of Katie. Katie must be good friends with the debators she spent her senior year with.

I, on the other hand, am wondering why I quit debate. (Well, I know that: I couldn't stand up for myself), but I kick myself for not realizing what an opportunity it was, to become well versed in the matters of the real world, to forge social skills and make friends. Maybe I should join college debate, but shit, debate is a lot of work in high school, and it is even more in college. I seriously fear it would put a damper on my graudating.

Anyway, as I listened to them work, as I worked.. I felt like their work was important, and mine was trival. My work was just something to pass the time. Either it could come together or not. Something to do because I don't have people to interact with.

Driving home, I came up with a few more reflections of my day but I forgot them. Maybe I should buy a portable tape recorder.