The Great Race(1965)

Directed by:Blake Edwards

The Plot

Its the turn of the 19th century and Leslie 'The Great Leslie' Gallant convinces auto-mobile makers that a race is needed to raise the sales of automobile. The race would start in New York and eventually end up in Paris, while going through places such as the Bering Straight and Russia.

Although the Great Leslie thinks he has the race in the bag, he does not count on Professor Fate and his sidekick Maximillian 'Max' Meen and their super gadget invested car.

It is not just the ingenious dastdardly Professer Fate that the Great Leslie has to look out for as well, but also a beautiful young lady who goes by the name of Maggie DuBois, enters the competition but ends up traveling with the Great Leslie. Other contestants such as Texas Jack and Baron Rolfe von Stuppe all add to the pressure for the Great Leslie to win.

And so the race starts taking them through snow entrenched roads and dangerous cliff side roads. Who will win...


I have only really ever seen this film in its entirety once, other times i have caught the ending or some of the middle parts, and therefore sometimes it was a little confusing (as is all films if you start to watch them half way through). I think the most important part about this film is how funny it is, there are some comic moments which had me in tears.

My 2 favioute characters are Professer Fate and Max Meen, these two are just born to suffer and everything that can go wrong does go wrong, both these Characters wonderfully played by Jack Lemon (Fate) and Peter Falk (Max) who come together to create a wonderful comedy duo.

Famous Quote

Press the button Max!!!

-Professor Fate