The promise of a BBQ in our house is one that is always looked on in great spirit. My mums side of the family all have one every year, and invite ALL the family along (my mums side is particually big with 3 sisters and 2 brothers all now with kids and even grandchildren). So all in all when a BBQ is about to happen my mum cooks for the 4 million ;).

You name it we just about had it. Sausage rolls, kiesh, salad, chocolate, trifels and much much more, and then there was the food to be cooked on the BBQ!. Before Thursday we had one of more original charcol BBQs (which were in fact a bit crappy), but now we have the upgraded gas model (basically less mess, and the food is cooked quicker, yay!), and lets not forget the most important ingreident......Alcohol!

The event was indeed a very pleasent old fashioned nosh up and was enjoyed by everyone there. It was good to see a few mates come up, (some were leaving for Turkey in a few hours!). However there is a downside to this, i have to eat chicken for a bloody long time now! (mum bought to much!)

In other news!

Im thinking of writing a story : /. Not to sure on the stucture of it, but i have written a few lines (if anyone wants to have a look just check out my scratchpad, your all more then welcome). Also any comments or ideas on the whole matter would be great :D.

My starting date for College is 3rd October, which i am looking forward to. I will be sharing a room with some total stranger, im sure he will be cool though (well i hope anyway, i dont wanna wake up with an axe hanging over my head :)) Im starting to get excited about it now i think. the day is coming sooner and sooner. I just hope i enjoy it and do well.

Im now running my new pc which is excellent. Its not the best pc in the world, but certainly the best ive had (well some of the parts anyway)

  • 700 AMD Duron Processor
  • 20gig Hardrive (i know its not that good, but hey upgradeable!)
  • NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 32meg
  • 256 MB of RAM

So overall not bad for a pc thats gonna be used for college work and stuff :)