I am in my bed, the Simpsons alarm clock having woke me up with Homers constant noisy shouting. I eventually open my eyes, i take a deep breath and notice that the air feels different, almost suffercating.

I open my curtain and look outside, for miles to see the ground is covered in a thick red alien dust. My heart is now beating more then the recommended beats per minute, and i scramble to my parents room, again it is the same for miles to see.

The scene shifted then, i suddenly found myself in the middle of a large marketplace, 4 of my friends are here with me. They are waiting for something but wont tell me what. Random_monkey decides he wants to get a new game for his xbox, I tell him that all shops are closed but he insists on going, My other friend Mark goes after him suggesting that he could get this multiplayer game.

Soon after my friends departed the disaster struck, all around everything seemed to be crumbling, untill I eventually fell towards in the core of the Earth

On a mental note, i later realised it was the same red dust that covered Earth in War of the Worlds freaky....