This has to be one of the strangest dreams i have EVER had.

It starts off with me driving home from school, its a nice hot summer evening, and i have had a really good day. Anyway i am suddenly attracted to a light comming from some distance away, for some reason this light gets brighter and brighter. as i drive more closely to it i notice a faint rummbleing, after a couple of miles my car breaks down, nothing works or anything i do to start it does not work, then suddenly i am knocked out.

The next thing i know is that its mid morning the next day and my head hurts like hell, i get up and get rid of the dust that covers my body. i look at the sky and to my horror i see that there are two moons in the sky!! and whats more its daylight, one of the moons is a blood red and the other is just like the normal moon (thinking about it it might of been the normal moon)

. I get in my car and i sigh in relief as i hear the starter motor start the car. I drive off in a hurry thinking what the hell is going on.I get home and rush into my parents house, i call but no one answers, i check around all the rooms in the house but no one is there. i walk outside and look around, i cant see anything so i go to my nans who live 2 doors away, i knock but again no one answers. I then realize that there is no cars going down the once busy road.

I get in my car a drive off towards my local town taking note that there is no one around at all, i reach the centre and i finally realize that there is no one here..... at all.

I then travel the country looking for people and there is no one, not a single sole in the entire country. and one night i slowly drift to sleep and the next thing i wake up to the sound of my mom shouting at me to get up