well another day of pain and suffering that is otherwise known as school. I got back a assignment for my business course and happily discovered that i had not done very well..... But that is done and so i must look forward to the future.

I had meant to put the story i am about to tell in the wensday daylog but i just forgot, but anyway here it is.

one of my mates (phil who is a really good jazz trumpet player) asked me that day if i wanted to go and see i jazz saxophone player called Pete King, i being into jazz naturly aggreed to go ( i also went becasue i knew we would all end up pissed!) so anyway of we went to the Derby rooms (where this band was playing) and we got in and got our beers and sat down at a table and got very comfortable.

Pete King came on and started to play some really good jazz, and i really started to get into it, even though my sight of this truly wonderous player was partly obscured by people sitting in front of me. The night went on quite happly for me until this woman came in and decided to sit right in front of me, now i dont mean i couple of meters away but her chair was TOUCHING mine, she was that close i could see the nits in her hair!!!. well anyway this woman seemed compeltley oblivious of me she was that iggnorant that in the end i had to move!!

Well thats about it but that stupid woman runied my night becasue half of the time i could not see anything apart from her head!