well today has so far been quite an interesting day, my brother who is now 22 finally left to join the RAF

Even though that for about 17 years my brother has been anoying the hell out of me i will miss him quite alot. I will always think of the good times that me and my brother had (and there was quite a few!) but also my brother at times could be a real bastard!

i rememeber vivdly one day i was in the kitchen (i was only about 10 or around that age) and my brother came in and went to a cuboard that contained food, now at this time i had my back to him, so the sneaky bastard took some pepper and proceeded to grab my head force my mouth open and empty the contents of a pepper bottle into my mouth!

the after effects were pretty bad, by chucking nearly all of the pepper into my mouth i was then promptley phiscally sick for the next 4 or 5 hours.

but after that small incident i forgave my brother, because in the end i know that i love very much and i will miss him dearly. but thats life as the saying goes and indeed for me and for my brother life must go on, he will take one road and after my A-levels will take the other that leads to university. but still i will miss him.....