First of all just let me say to everyone at e2 MERRY CHRISTMAS I have just woken up after playing a really good gig last night, i didnt get home till about 1:30am with neil. We were rather drunk one might say, but to be truefull im not bothered.

Good things happend last night, i now know a girl who plays the trombone in my band that likes me, and when i go to her 18th birthday party on the 29th of this month i think i might come back with a girlfriend yay! Another good thing that happened last night was the band got a extra £50 which put our wages up to £200, which is pretty good acutally.

The crowd were excellent a bit rowdy but excellent. Now becasue our band plays old swing tunes such as Misty and Lil darling the crowd came in clothes that they wore back in the forties which is pretty cool. They all got up and danced and no one has ever done that on one of our gigs (i think it had something to do with the alcohcol involved.....)

but they were a good crowd and we had the bonus of a free drink. At the end of the night me my mate (neil) and my brother had to escort 3 people back to their homes becasue they were very drunk, well one wasnt she was ok but the other 2 and enjoyed them sevles emensly. They were also singing very loudly down the street i seem to recall the song was California dreaming by the mamas and papas it was quite surprising that we didnt wake nobody up.