quite a relaxing day today, nothing major happend. The whole family (aunts and uncles and grandmothers, all them) are still in shock over the confession that my wonderful cousin (you can almost feel the sarcasam)made a couple days ago. And that wonderful confession is....... shes pregnent. Now this could be good for lets say a 25 year old lady, but my cousin is only 17!!!. Okay so its not really any of my business, hey if you knew my cousin you would aggree! The only reason why i am caring is because she is seeing one of my best mates.

Now im just hoping to god that it is not this mate, i mean this mate is not stupid and i dont think for one minute it is his. Of course if it is then there is not a lot i can say, and so i wont say it. But the whole family is in complete shock over this and they every right to be like that. Me and my brother had just come in from the pub and the conversation started

dad:hi lads good job you werent here 5 minutes eariler!


dad:well your aunts just been.....its offical your cousins pregent

my brother:well gee big surprise.

Now when i ever go out with mates there is always a chance that i will see my cousin (not a pretty site!) and i might be a bit harsh in saying this but i am not surprise that she is pregnent, the way she dresses up and perades herself to men is appaling!, but its like i said earlier its none of my business.

I have now broken up from school and started on the mile high stack of homework that i have...... I enjoyed the wonderful lie in till 2:00pm and finally decided to drag my ass out of bed. And soon i think i might drag it back to bed.