Nothing really special happend to me today, apart from i was told if a miss another band rehersal then i will be kicked out of the jazz band (gee what a shame!) no honestly this band is really bad, half of the players are teachers!!

Over the last few days been thinking about the romance between random_monkey (one of my best mates that i have known for about 14 years) and nine9, and i have really have no problem with it, if thats what the monkey wants then its fine, the same goes for nine9 as well, earlier i spoke to him for the first time and hes seemed like a decent chap!

i had a most delightful music A-level lesson today, i had to look up what influenced certain composers and make notes on their technique such as Handel, Bach and some other composers that i cant remember (and like i am really bothered!), why cant teachers teach jazz instead of classical, sure i know that all the building blocks of music were really laid down by these people but sometimes their music is just soooooo boring (last week i fell asleep listening to bach in lesson)

Had a phone call from my brother who hopefully comes out of the RAF tommorow, he has been away for about a week and he has had enough, i mean the guy was up till 2am in the morning sowing labels onto his kit!!, but hes coming out for good so thats that i suppose.