I went to see the new final fantasy film last night down in my lovely local town. I have heard a lot of different opinions about the film (ie some say its crap, some say its good) and i must admit for the full film i was guled to the screen. The best way i can descibe it is, you could easily forgot your watching a cartoon and think its real life, because thats all the film is really, one big expensive cartoon.

Now im not saying its bad, in my eyes its a really good film, i remember sitting and looking at one of the characters hands (gray's i seem to recall) and out the hand i could see the veins sticking, just as they are sticking out of my hand as well now. I would see Doc Cid sitting there looking thoughtful (in that way that intelligent people do) and it looked so real i couldnt believe it. The only thing i found confusing about this film is there is about as much link to the games (ff9,ff7,ff8) then there is to mars the planet and the mars chocolate bar. But as i say its a really good film, see it at you local cinema NOW!! (well go on im waiting)

Ahhhhh its that time of year again when i have to toddle on down to my school and pick up my exams results again, oh what a wonderful, exciting time it is for, knowing i have to stay on another year becasue the school fucked up my A-level music classes, such a wonderful mistake it was as well, so i will go pick them up, be grateful that i can stay on another yeah and get almight pissed yay!