No. No no no no. Did I say no?

All of these things are examples of what should not be taught during school, because for every hour you dedicate to non-academic subjects like this is another hour you lose from learning.

Tax? Ask your parents, and find books to answer what they don't know. Utilities? What, don't your parents pay bills? Ask them, or look around - this information is available. Basic household repair? Your parents again. How To books. Go down to your local hardware store for advice. Careers? Don't know about England, but in the US a lot of high schools have guidance conselors which advise students on such things outside of the normal academic schedule. And once again, there's many other sources of information on chosing a career.

Honestly, I don't know why people are so enthused about having the government and schools teach kids everything. The way it's going we'll have babies being toilet-trained by the government one day. This is what your parents are for, your friends are for, your intellect is for. School study is for academic purposes, and after running into too many ignorant students I'm not willing to have that time given up for what should have been taught at home. You ever heard a 14 year old ask "Who won World War II?" before?

The family structure has been reduced to simply immediate relatives as it is - why do people want to change it to simply them and Big Mother?