Steve Haworth is one of the foremost body modification artists in the world. He personally dislikes being called a "piercer" and prefers the term "3-D artist". Words aside, he's absolutely amazing.

Steve's childhood was spent designing and making advanced medical instruments with his family. He turned his skills into a small manufacturing company that began to make body jewelry, and that was the beginning of something beautiful. Currently, he does almost everything except tattooing. Below I've listed his more exciting modifications. Keep in mind, he designs most of the instruments for this by himself in addition to being a skillful piercer and beyond.

Subdermal implants: He primarily implants beads in various places such as wrists, forearms, foreheads and even penises. Beyond just beading, he's real into forehead implants - a Star Trek interest, he admits. Some couples have had rings of beads implanted into their fingers. He's also implanted captive bead rings and even a Teflon ankh. One very unusual lady had a ring put into her forehead so she could stick jewels into the divot created.

Laser branding: Unlike most branders, he uses a laser cautery device. Because the laser burn doesn't spread like normal brands, he can put detail into pieces that would be impossible normally.

Surgical procedures: He's done a few subincisions, but that's a relatively simple procedure. He's also cut notches into one person's ear. Katzen, the wife of Enigma of X-Files fame, had her lower lobes completely removed and her upper ear pointed like an elf. Wow.

Transdermal implants: This is where Steve Haworth's skill is unique. These are difficult to place and even more difficult to maintain, as having the implant come out through the skin is just begging for infection. He successfully implanted several metal spikes across someone's scalp. To be honest, he implanted the bases and the spikes screw into those, but it's still pretty amazing. It's the one and only metal mohawk.

Steve Haworth is still piercing and implanting. If you want some strange form of body modification, he's probably one of the best people in the world to go to. He's also now a Reverend in The Church of Body Modification, so it looks like he's getting political as well.