Hate to break the fun, but a snipe hunt is something you pull on the gullible. After meeting a trusting soul you wish to tweak a little, invite them to go snipe hunting in the woods. A description of the snipe is necessary here. People usually get the best results claiming them to be a type of bird. For the anal, there is even a species called snipes, but a little embellishment never hurts. Make up some story about how exactly one hunts snipe, complete with equipment. Psk's writeup is one nice example, and they can get very elaborate. Depending on the pacificism of the mark, the goal can be either to kill, capture or merely see the snipe.

Once you've lured the sucker out into the woods, any number of amusing things can be done. You can leap on them from behind trees, or simply have them run after the snipe all night on a wild goose chase ("Look! Can't you see it over there! Go get it!"), or even sneak away leaving them in the forest by themselves. It's a good initiation for newcomers, as long as you keep the pranks harmless.