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Another casualty in the War on Drugs

[Peter McWilliams] died June 14th, 2000. He was fifty years old.

"So what?" one says. "Yes, it's sad when anyone dies, but it happens. Let us mourn him for a moment and live on."

Peter McWilliams was [murder]ed.

"Well, this is slightly different." one says with a sense of concern. "We shall not abide a murderer in our community. Tell us, who murdered him, and how, so that we may punish them?"

The [War on Drugs] murdered Peter McWilliams. He choked to death on his own vomit, lying in his bathroom.

The [nausea] was caused by the [cocktail] of medicine required to keep him alive in his battle against [AIDS] and [non-Hodgkin's lymphoma]. Until his arrest on [conspiracy] charges due to his efforts to distribute [marijuana] plants to cooperatives that served ill patients, he repressed his nausea with [marijuana]. Judge [George King] ordered McWilliams to not use marijuana during the trial, and as his mother and brother had risked their houses for his [bond], he felt obligated to go through treatment without its use.

His alternative methods incorporated the synthetic [THC] [Marinol] that the government wishes the terminally ill to use in lieu of [marijuana] as an [anti-emetic]. They were still painful and time-consuming, and they ultimately failed, and now he is dead, murdered by the [War on Drugs].

This must end.