The musical divinities Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister. DJs, producers and remixers. They create intelligent acid jazz and drum n bass. It's music that crawls through your skull straight to the brain. The majority of their work is remixes of other artists' songs, but the skill shown is amazing. They can turn a poor song into a masterpiece. Beyond the music they have a very carefree attitude that shows up in their albums - strange cover art, strange remix names, and the immortal disclaimer "This is not a joint." When K&D aren't making music, they're busy running G-Stone Recordings, home of many fine artists.


G-Stoned (1995)
DJ-Kicks (1996) High quality album all the way through
The K&D Sessions (1998) Great two CD set where K&D remix everything they can find into perfect downtempo music
conversions (1999) Good acid jazz with a heavy drum n bass influence