My morning has been a morning of half-asleep fumbling, ducking and peeks out my window hoping that car is gone. Brother and mother are back from the family reunion in Northern California - my little brother's amusing as he dismisses that side of the family as hicks with a wave of his hand, and a hope of being adopted. He reminds me of my responsibilities. Bastard. Maybe he was...

My middle brother discovered Everything, and so demanded the address. Fine, except I gave him E1, where he made such fine additions to the database of all humanly knowledge as What if horses ate seals? Dem bones offered a contract, until I revealed that was the entire writeup, and the node title was Mmm... beer. He then called for his lawyers, and cybernetic crack-smoking ninja monkeys too, I believe.

I got The Talk today. Fun.

My cat probably killed a baby bird today. Nature red in tooth and claw. For my job, called two people today who begged me off - were they being polite and lying, or just being honest? I can't tell.