8AM in the godsforsaken morning. Off for the permit test at the DMV. I hate you.

11AM. I do hate you all.

Nothing like long lines and public servants to inflame my misanthropic tendencies.

But I have my permit. One down in the list of things to deal with in life. Now just two jobs, eight girls, two guys, five adults, and one school to go, and my chest still hurts when I stretch. Aiyah.

Took a spin in the LA Zoo's parking lot. Such a difference between watching someone drive and doing it yourself - you can feel the car turn through the steering wheel, and get the rush off of the connection between your foot on the gas pedal and the acceleration of the car - I think I like this.

Last night's C! Challenge winnah: DMan's EA Sports NHL.

You know people, when I say I hate you, I don't really mean it. It's for rhetorical effect. I'm really amused by some of you and your actions.

Had a meeting with my company last night. Went overtime, which annoyed me, but what can one do? Such a strange group of people - one guy who sold over $8000 in 10 days and acts like it's nothing, one guy's who's sold nothing and doesn't care. Met the new assistent manager, and wasn't impressed. Friendly in a plastic way, and it shows. Of course, as someone who's working there just to learn how to interact with people better, shouldn't complain. Fair amount of attrition in the class, and not always those who you think would stop.

Found out one of my orders was screwed up - lovely. More work for me to do.

The C! Challenge Winner: Pseudo_Intellectual's s'arrai.