Another one of those fad sites. People submit their photos, and visitors to the site can rate them on a 1 to 10 scale of beauty. The submitters can then check the results. It was only instituted in October, but its popularity has swelled as people tell others in a good example of viral marketing.

There's something horribly fascinating about seeing the pictures of assorted random strangers one will never meet, and the idea of being rated by the citizens of Cyberia does have a strange appeal. The voting is incredibly harsh - almost no one is above a 7, no man is above a 6, and the majority is well below 5. Of course, some people on the site do deserve their score, and you wonder who was cruel enough to submit the photo in the first place.

While it could be an interesting and objective way to examine one's attractiveness, as is it's essentially worthless. First, no account is required to vote, allowing someone to vote multiple times. Second, the Internet hoi polloi are already abusing it - voting 5 for one decent looking guy left him with a total of 2.5, as someone else had unjustly given him 1. Now that it's taken off, some people are doing the exact opposite, hitting 10 a number of times to raise their total. With that in mind, you can find it at