Hi everyone. Glad to be helping out with you all; let the slaughter begin.

Dead Dead Nodes:

Necrophiliac Beastulate by Stormhunter - One line, no links do not a writeup make. Is beastulate even the correct word?
Xerocracy by Ed Halley - We hates nodes saying "I thought this was X, ha ha.", we hates them my precious.
Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk? by rusnovn (Gone since January) and xieger (Never appeared on E2) - nothing technically wrong, but the other writeup makes them extremely unnecessary
death by drowning by thornboy - questionable content, little of it at that, no justification and the user never saw the light of E2. Sorry.
The boy with the thorn in his side by Jet-Poop - an unsuccessful attempt of playing off the title. I found it pretty pointless, so bye-bye.
FordPrefect's Why not to use GNOME 2 - one line of advocacy without justification. I liked killing it, watching its eye dim... Nodeshell cleaning?
spineless by Sinergy - no E2 experience, and Webster filled it just as well.
Hamlet by groogroo - ditto.
Much Ado About Nothing by android - "A comedy by William shakespeare. More to come." Too bad someone else got there first.
John Locke by cpright - Inaccurate and scanty information.
moronic right-wingers by vole and The Moshing Dragon - One's flamebait, and poor flamebait at that, and the other one's tragically misplaced. Maybe the left-over nodeshell could die the true death, please?
Tom is a fucking retard by ansomatica - perhaps useful as an example of the Platonic ideal of useless, but on second thought - no. Bye.
entrippy's brain damage. Woundweavr was /msged as well. E1 nodes don't age gracefully.

Requested by Modnar:
37217 th node by shornibr - Not any longer it isn't. Nodeshell cleaning?
kiddie porn by SiliconJesus - your point was?
so now briefly I enter the top 20 I think. by fondue and General Wesc - more nonsense nodes about noding. Die.
A BIG GROUP OF PEOPLE FUCKING by Spydr - Manages to push two of my "urge overkill" buttons here: see also and not to be confused with. Die die die 666 die die fornicate die die die. Nodeshell cleaning?
My ex-roommate has a 10 pound bag of cane sugar by recursive, magenta (Tsk!) and TMA. - Tell it to someone who cares. At least try to make it interesting, please. Nodeshell cleaning?
core's wu in I suck - while the others aren't winners, this one's just wretched.
goreisms by erikbjo - After being contacted by a concerned dem bones and dannye (These people work hard to make sure you stay happy) I'd like to make it clearer why this was killed. The writeup was a list of quotes attributed to Gore. The majority of the quotes were not by Gore - the infamous Internet quote seemed to be the only honest one, and that has been covered elsewhere. This was noted by Eos in a secondary writeup and by me. I find it hard to believe the attribution was an innocent mistake, as I can easily find numerous direct copies from Dan Quayle quotes with only the names changed. I did not nuke it for political reasons, I nuked it because it was incorrect, and the noder must have known that. Considering E2 relies on trusting the input of the noders, I think fraud should be punished with a heavy hand. Update: Modnar has also /msged me that he mentioned the problem to the noder earlier and got a "I could care less" response. I'm feeling this was appropiate.