Nodes Killed

geekU's something great is going on in this world. The Pixies told me to do it, and I agreed that inane non-capitalized sentences without punctuation were better off sleeping the big sleep.
coaxial. Telling us something sucks without the reason why is a beacon for editorial fiat.
Don't try this at home. Ground Control's writeup ignores the use of this phrase beyond a programming basis, but at least it's worthwhile. geekU's is just wretched in every way that counts - spelling, linking, relevance.
/join RL. Apparently IRC addicts should do this - cute idea, but poor 3-line application.
SunKing's whoo want-uh sum Wang?. Crap crap crap about a relatively fun game.
riot nrrrd. "Shut the hell up, geek."
doritos. Similar.
vulnerability. Can you guess why? Good, I thought you could.
snack hole. One in a limited edition series, and it's becoming even rarer each time I find more of this crap.
yap w/ wu by ximines. Dumb stuff and a dumb response - they both go to the cornfield!
Adam Sandler. Squeal, noder, squeal!
May You Live in Interesting times. Sometimes, people don't learn. And that's when I want to tie their intestines around a tree. Series of one line insults make me have this feeling.
tregar w/ wu by ChesterCramme. A poorly done website plug, and he even managed to make a mistake in the two lines he did write. And we don't need the "Oh, you suck" response either - please don't make bad nodes worse.
Bryn Mawr. It's easily removed as all important information is replicated in the other better writeups.
Woundweavr's does not work with dick in A drive. Content: "Hey it does work with up to three testicles though, so you got that going for ya." I'd feel bad if this was an E1 node, but it's relatively recent and incredibly pointless, so...
fondue's Pierced Eyebrow. Flamebait about its mainstream nature - we don't need one liners of hate and spite.
clipdude's An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge. It's mispelled.

Nodes for Gods to Delete

Nodeshells for Gods to Delete

I sincerely hope this was a nodeshell rescue - Novalis requests an extinction.
personality by speach
whoo want-uh sum Wang?