Nodes Killed

Holy water by edgarde. -5, and it's pretty demonstrably NOT the pope's urine.
It's time to assimilate all the little Pokemon critters into Ev. Bad title, no content. I have no interest in how the noder can't node Pokemon with guaranteed interest from others.
ferrets by GuNgA-DiN and jlb. BAD PLURAL! Let's not do that again.
The Battle of Evermore by Lanatha. One fact and a Not to be confused with - easily removed.
Anti-Americanism by Max von H.. The entire content was "A very, very good idea. Proof: it's very, very popular!" People, debate, flame and troll away, but one to two lines of venom without reasoning or justification like this will be removed.
US of A and Max von H. and Simeon2000. Hate and jingoism gone in a single, swift wipe of the node.
igloo by Max von H. and a life in hell. Seals are the natural creators of such, not dolphins. Die. Can we get a decent description and explanation in here? Perhaps even some building instructions would be possible, tho it's not my area of expertise - come on E2!
decadence by Max von H.. More cheap shots, this time at MS and the US. Whee - please don't use definitions to diss or praise people.
ugly non-americans by Simeon2000 and Max von H.. I'm beginning to think they were opposite twins or something, but once again they add little with an obvious statement of fact (You can't define something by itself!) and a cheap shot.
geneva by Max von H.. Points out it's a city in Switzerland, and it's nice. How nice.

Titles to Edit

Final Fanatasy Love Will Grow - let's check that Fantasy, no?
geneva - Proper nouns get capitalized, right?

Nodeshells to Kill

It's time to assimilate all the little Pokemon critters into Ev
US of A
7098146390861590 87256169829085

Users to Kill

Max von H. - he has no nodes, he's never shown up, and his end is nigh...