Nodes Killed

king shit by wampus. Inane slagging of MS and x86 through a def.
guns by holontrope. Pointless flamebait.
bad by holontrope. "That which is not good." E1 stuff, how far you have fallen.
beastiality by wampus and matWORK. Mispelled.
bestiality by gunga-din. Pointed people to a mispelling.
Everything Bugs List by theorb and Brent Nordquist. Well, first they address E1 bugs, and they aren't even bugs for the most part, and it just needed to die period.

Nodes to Delete

beastiality. Tregoweth's wu merely points out it's a mispelling, but if we remove the node altogether...

Nodeshells to Delete

beastiality - and then kill the nodeshell, it's a moot point.
How To Win Arguements. - It must die.
Everything Bugs List - We have our own, remove renduncancy since it's reduntant, no?.