Editorial Cooled:

Mutant's Urban Trapper. Bravo for an excellent story.

Nodes Killed:

Top 10 Sexually Explicit Lines From Star Wars by Bobthewonderchicken. Inarticulate and out of place response.
sexually by efrisch. Noder never came around E2 and the definition is just as well fulfilled by Webster's.
akira by jesdynf. Telling us you're not Akira is really, really pointless.
Earthworm Jim by Terminal. Calling something stupid without backing it up will get you deleted, especially when you're at -7. Give a shred of reasoning and I will never touch it, but I see no reason pure flames need to stay around.
psychoactive by dr zero. One line of idiocy.
anal by dr zero. One line endorsement of anal sex. I think I can sleep at night without regret.
spaz by dr zero. meow is not the definition. Or he's slandering someone - either way, it's dead.
subtract by dr zero. Obsolete E1 def.
best friend by dr zero. Tells us his best friend - that's nice, but pointless.
LAKJSHDFLKJB23LB42L5KJB22L5J1B2L5KJ1B2L5K1JBL11B4 by yurtle. Explains it's a definition of random chaos. No, it's an example of idiocy that messes up the page layout.
Mr T isn't dead! br opt. The noder never came to E2, this sole fact is explained at Mr. T and it's mispelled. Just cleaning up.
percussion by terrulen. E1 node that bows out in place of the superior definition of others.
north by Pedro Picasso - Tells us the obvious in an out of place area.
sexiest babe in science fiction by jbayes, nevyn, slim while sparing many. Most of the noders have merely stated their number one choice without even explaining why, which makes it even more pointless. If Getting To Know You is a worthy use of nodespace (I disagree, but that's personal, not editorial opinion), then the removal of writeups by noders who have left seems justified, especially after earn your bullshit concerns. If someone has a problem with this, I'm open to discussion, but I've discussed with other editors and received their agreement, so...
People so sexy that you would change your sexual orientation to sleep with them by TMA, neshura and wahonez. Same rational, same crap.
What's the best T-shirt slogan you've ever seen? by intromorph, RevCosmoMcKinley. I hate each and every writeup in this node (bar jessicapierce's - people, why the hell do you add after being slapped with that?), but those are the noders who left, and they're at level 1 anyways. I am so close to deleting NexusSix's writeup as well, but he was last seen Sept. 7, so I'm giving him a grace period. Not too long though - it's his only writeup.
If you could share a hammock with a fellow noder, who would it be? by slim and Remecca. I think I know why the AIs in The Matrix attacked humanity - the pain of reading all the GTKY writeups in the AI seed drove them mad. Maybe deleting those by missing noders will delay our coming doom.

Nodes To Be Deleted:

Users To Be Deleted:

opt. Never showed up at E2, and after removing his one node is without writeups. Let's clear it up for someone new.

Nodeshells To Be Deleted:

Top 10 Sexually Exlicit Lines From Return of the Jedi
I cooled this because I hate double standards. And because the nodeshell (Brad Pitt...) was funny :-)
Mr T isn't dead!

Node Titles To Be Edited:

akira - it's a name, so could we get a capital A in there?
Mr T - There's a decent writeup in there, but it's Mr. T. Can we move it in or should it just go away since the noder's gone?
Mr T's record - It's Mr. dammit!
little rock - Proper nouns like towns? Capitalize them!
icab - the proper form is iCab, actually.


Consonant - Voting on a Webster's writeup? Something's wrong.