Nodes Killed

slashdot by tftv256, at -8. One liner about hot grits - come on, do better than that.
slashdot by klash, uwiz and everyone. One liner about addiction, two liner about it being entertainment, and a writeup containing only its URL and Internet Keyword.
Seattle by rafial, at -8. "A city which I live in" He's just made my egocentrism look like Mother Teresa - that's all you can say? Not like it could have any other merit. tangentman was /msged for his writeup - I found it... lacking. *breathe breathe* Do not fail me or the Emperor Bones again. *breathe breathe*
Rurouni Kenshin by Tony Tastey. Entire writeup is one quote without explanation. So incredibly helpful to those who haven't seen it.
Titan AE by no bye no aloha. Explains it's a cartoon movie from Fox. Looking for just a tad bit more here...
ferret by gunga-din and grell. Old E1 nodes. They don't die, they just fade away - well, kinda.
hamster by fpmip. Old def.
blinkenlights, blinkenlights sign, English Version of the Blinkenlights Sign by cpwright, internet sign and blinkenlights sign by methrin. Obsoleted by the Jargon File entry.
foulest depths of HELL by goatish. Slagging Bill Clinton and Bill Gates - go shoot fish in a barrel.
gore by lemonhead. Maybe its incoherency is a modern art piece in one line. If so, then treat my reaction to it the same way.
Mephistopholes by darksmelt and goldilox. Mispelled.
No Suprizes, really!!! by STrRedWolf. Absolutely incoherent and mispelled. That and I really don't see a point.
geezer bait by robwest. Pointless response.
ouevre by robwest. Mispelled, according to tregoweth. Damn french.

Gods - Nodeshells to Delete

blinkenlights sign
English Version of the Blinkenlights Sign
JonKatz must die
foulest depths of HELL
Olmsted Adminstation Hall
No Suprizes, really!!!