I agree that the best one is the "This Is Your Brain On Drugs", but only because that's a good description of what huge doses over a short time of dissociative hallucinogenics actually do to you. The promotion of bugs over drugs is just an example of a good jingle - it definitely earwormed me for a few days.

Of course, I question the very existence of these ads. First, there's a certain amount of irony about an anti-drug message coming from the glass nipple, a medium which does far more to promote apathy than a joint or pill. Beyond that, anyone who decided not to use drugs based on a thirty-second TV ad is exactly the one we want using drugs. Even more hopefully, they'll abuse them. Even more hopefully, they'll autodarwinate. Real people make life choices through gathering information and analyizing it, not by being swayed by propaganda.

Alternatively, the stupid jangling jingle could convince me. Secure in my knowledge that drugs, and apparently any and all use of drugs, will hurt, harm, and destroy me mentally, physically, academically, economically and legally, I will never use drugs again. Please check the writeup (when it's noded) - it's a separate issue, so a separate node. Alternatively, node it yourself, writing with the assumption that you've decided to never take another drug - of any kind. And that includes antibiotics. Go ahead - the outline of my writeup is clear, and I'd be interested to see someone else's idea before I prejudge it with mine. Plus I'm tired.